TECHOSS outdoor camping equipment multi-point ignition tool portable match stick magnesium bar lighter stick

TECHOSS outdoor camping equipment multi-point ignition tool portable match stick magnesium bar lighter stick

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Mini shape, light weight, space-saving and easy to carry.
Made of magnesium and iron, refractory, water-resistant, shatterproof.
Function: Flint/Bottle Opener/Scraper, and more functions are waiting for their recovery.
Applies to anywhere, anytime and any condition, including humid weather or low temperature
Ease of use.
High quality, can be used for thousands of times.
patent product.
Color: Black
Material: magnesium (the flint), iron (the other part)
Size: As picture



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We will focus on every detail of manufacturing products, using high-quality, durable and environmentally friendly materials. From the shell, the chip to the battery pack, every raw material is a link that we must strictly screen.

The value of the product comes from the recognition of more users.




I purchased this to use while camping for my pellet grill mainly, but also for other small electronics. I charged it overnight and started my Tri-Tip smoke using this power station. It used about 210watts or so to start it up, then it was a periodic 30w or so for the auger to spin. the smoke took a good 4 hours, and this thing had only lost 1 bar of charge which was great. looks like it can handle a long 10+ hour cook without issues. so far I'm very happy with this unit and hope is has longevity as well. time will tell.

Matt Pooyanfar
the United States

Huge capacity in a small package.
I purchased this charger for an upcoming road trip from New Jersey to California. I didn’t want to rely on an unreliable vehicle’s alternator/battery for emergencies and have been looking for a portable power pack for a while. I have smaller ones for recharging phones but nothing for a laptop until now. 
As you can see in the pictures, this charges my laptop at full speed. It also includes a USB-C to USB-C cable, which was unexpected and nice to have. The strap also makes it easier to carry with other items because it keeps a hand free. The weight of the product is also not bad and I expected it to be heavier and bulkier for its size.

Sima Poudel Kadariya
the United States

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