TECHOSS Innovations

We are portable power station experts and innovators.


Power what you need , anytime ,anywhere.


We hope to be an innovator of portable mobile energy storage power supplies and a warm company. Start with portable energy storage power, be famous of the world , create value for users, make employees feel happy, and contribute to the world in the field of environmentally friendly and sustainable new energy.


One day in 2011, two men went to the seaside for camping. When they suffered from no power supply at night, a new idea came up in their heads suddenly. What if there is a portable energy storage power supply? It would be more convenient, especially for camping.So it is a unique opportunity.
In order to seize the opportunity, they began to develop batteries and invented portable energy storage power supplies successfully. Years later, with continuous updating of products, they now have their own brand TECHOSS and more than 100 employees, integrating R&D, production, and sales. In the future, TECHOSS will keep forward and never forget why they started.