What devices you should take when you lose on the wild island?

In 2021, there will be a question and answer all over the world.

Which way would you choose If you live on a deserted island while traveling?

All the way you can choose is the following.But,3 ways only.ABC or BDE?Let's see.


  • A.  A knife
  • B.  A lighter
  • C.  Drinking water for seven days
  • D.  A doctor of the opposite sex
  • E.  A large solar battery
  • F.   A dog
  • G.  A suit

A man and a women on the mountain

The best answer is: A, D, E

Survival on a desert island is one of the most hot topics at any time. Humans can become the top primates of the food chain because they have wisdom that other creatures do not have.

Adventure girl with camping tool

Metal, opposite sex, doctor, energy. These are high-quality resources that we cannot leave. We can survive better with them.
Use a knife as a tool to build a simple shelter with a opposite sex doctor, play with a large solar battery, charge your mobile phone anytime that you may find a chance to survive when you see a little bit signal on your phone screen.

An off grid life house

Food and water are gifts from nature, we will have inexhaustible resources with tools.The most important thing is survival.

Food and water keep us live,power keep us live better.

Today, I will introduce a portable-large solar battery (Techoss portable power station)!

A solar panel and a solar generator

TECHOSS portable power station can be placed in the trunk of your car, trunk, outdoor camping bag. Compared to other large storage batteries, the size of TECHOSS portable power station is about 122.76 x 10.23 x 42.48 inches, so you don’t have to worry about its footprint.

At the same time, its capacity is far better than the traditional mobile power supply, reaching a capacity of 300Wh. It can be fully charged in 3 hours with TECHOSS 100W solar panel, keep your power online anywhere.

a solar generator on the board

When going out camping or playing. How to power your laptop or mobile phone is not a problem anymore if you take a Techoss portable power station , it can supply power for a long time!

The following is the approximate usage capacity display of Techoss outdoor powe-300W:

Use time for laptop connection: 6 hours

Mobile phone usage time: 60 hours

Use time of energy-saving bulbs: 100 hours

Even if your car breaks down, it can do its job perfectly while waiting for rescue.

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