List of prepare for a self-driving tour

Embrace freedom, a self-driving tour from Los Angeles to Lone Pine
Techoss Solar Generator
We are still young,  embrace freedom bravely!
Autumn Is A Harvest Season To Go Outdoor
Autumn is a harvest season and a good time to go outdoor!

On this season, people drive their own cars with their families, and go to the designated destination for adventure. Everything is so romantic and charming.
Techoss Power Reserve
Don’t forget to bring basic equipment: tent, food, water, Techoss power reserve, etc.

In Los Angeles at 4:30 in the morning, the boss couldn't wait to wake us up! "Hey, it's time to explore!"
Los Angeles
We jumped up and kicked off the day with joy!

Compared to previous years, the weather this year is even drier and hotter! Speeding on Highway 395, we passed through basin after basin, everything was so quiet and natural.

Before noon arrives, we need to find a suitable shade to hide from the noon sun!
Road Is The Beauty Of The Western Desert
Along the road is the beauty of the western desert that we have never seen before. The majestic mountains are magnificent. Looking from a distance, you will find that there are several green lakes hidden in this mysterious mountain!

If you are a fishing enthusiast, there is also a good place to go. Of course, you have to take precautions, and safety is the main priority when you go out to explore!
Techoss 100w Solar Panels
At noon, when we looked up at the sky in the sanctuary, we once again sighed the magic of the Creator! Take out the Techoss 100w solar panels that have been prepared to replenish energy for energy-loss equipment.

When exploring in the wilderness, it is very important to have a solar panel that can replenish energy at any time, because you cannot guarantee that you will not encounter danger on the next journey. Maintaining sufficient power is the key to survival and seeking help.

Maybe you think that owning a power bank can solve the problem, but its capacity is far from enough! Techoss 300w perfectly solves the problems of capacity and portability!
Techoss 300w With Tuess 100w Battery
Techoss 300w with tuess 100w battery can be fully charged in 3 hours. It can charge your laptop, mobile phone, and portable induction cooker! This ensures that we can stay longer in the wilderness!

Go looking for some legal food, cook it in an induction cooker, and feel the collision between the wilderness and reality! Food and water are the first elements of survival in the wild. If you run out of drinking water, the water obtained in the wild, please cook it before eating.
Enjoy The Life With P300W
The happiest thing about traveling by car is that you can change the place you want to explore at any time, so that we can feel freedom from the bottom of our hearts!

Next are the most critical points about self-driving expeditions: gasoline, water, Techoss energy storage batteries, Techoss solar panels, and some basic expedition equipment.
Self-driving trip in the autumn, enjoy the life with P300W.

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