Be prepared for power outages at any time during the hurricane season!

The Storms You Experiance

This is the nest of hurricanes on the east coast of the United States.
Here, the storms you experience may not be as frequent and violent as the places bordering the Gulf of Mexico. However, blowing down trees and blowing off cables, resulting in a large-scale blackout, is very likely to happen here.

In the past, people relied on diesel generators to solve the power problems they needed daily. However, as the world economy declines, energy shortages become more and more intense, fuels become more and more expensive, and at the same time they will bring some pollution to the environment.
Techoss 100W Solar Panel
In this case, solar panels, portable energy storage batteries and large energy storage batteries have become household necessities for some residents!

The protagonist of today's story is a resident from the east coast, Bob.

When receiving an interview, he said that he was fully able to accept the darkness brought about by the power outage, but he couldn't stand the inability to connect to the Internet during the power outage. Especially during the epidemic, he was unable to access the Internet, everyone lose the signal, and he could not receive news in time.
Distruction Caused By Hurricane Resulting In Power Outage
Bob doesn't  plan to buy diesel generators. In the same hurricane season last year, many residents who had diesel generators at home were also worried about fuel, so that is not a great paln to solve the problem.

TECHOSS P300W and TECHOSS P1500W are independently produced and developed by TECHOSS and have been tested more than 100K times. TECHOSS P1500W is still in the crowdfunding stage, and TECHOSS P300W is already online on TECHOSS official website.
Techoss Solar Generator
122.76 x 10.23 x 42.48 inches, so that it can be easily put into the trunk of the car, corresponding to the connected 100w solar charging panel, it only takes 3 hours to fully charge. With 300w of electricity, finally you have completed most of the emergency events.

What we gave Bob is TECHOSS P1500W, which has a capacity of 1500w, which is 5 times that of small-scale energy. Connect our matching solar panels in series, even if it is cloudy, it can be perfectly charged.
Safe And Eco-Friendly
Bob said: Regardless of the weather, it can be perfectly charged. With such a large capacity, if it can have a perfect price, it will become the king of the new energy battery industry!

Through the official website of TECHOSS, you can see the latest price of TECHOSS P300W and the progress of crowdfunding of TECHOSS P1500W. Our goal is to break down barriers so that people can also enjoy sky energy.


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