What to prepare during power outages?

Following the July 2019 power outage in Manhattan, USA, the 2020 California power outage in Texas will have another major power outage in February 2021. Why does the United States have frequent power outages?
Frequently Power Outage In USA
The power grid infrastructure is seriously inadequate, the power grid is old, and the maintenance efficiency is low. In this case, urban residents should take measures to deal with it.

Techoss is committed to the development of new energy in 2015, is committed to changing lives with electricity, focus on solar energy research.
Techoss Focus On Solar energy Research
After 3 years of continuous testing and R&D, Techoss has successfully produced two new energy storage batteries.

Techoss p300w and Techoss P1500w were successfully developed and marketed.

Techoss P300 will be launched in September 2021. It is specially designed for large energy storage batteries for cars, travel and outdoors! Using high-tech integration, the volume is compressed to the size of a handbag. In terms of portability, it has achieved the top in the industry!
Techoss P300
In daily life, insufficient battery power is the norm. The large capacity of Techoss p300 perfectly suitable for the situation. You don’t have to worry about not having enough energy on your car when you’re on a business trip.

For users who like outdoor activities, techoss supports a variety of interfaces, and you can transfer electromagnetic cookers and lighting equipment. In the wild, cooking can also be done, which is a very romantic thing.
Techoss 100W Solar Panel
Of course, no matter how large the energy storage battery is, it will also encounter insufficient energy. We are equipped with a Techoss 100w solar panel. The techoss 100w is a newly developed high-silicon crystal energy technology. Unlike ordinary solar panels, it can make techoss p300w be recharge in 3 hours .

Techoss p1500w is currently in the stage of completion of testing and development and mass production of crowdfunding.

We invited 20 residents on the west and east coasts of the United States to test the practicality of the techoss p1500w. At present, because of the fragility of the power grid, residents are in great need of this kind of equipment that can supply power to the house for a long time. According to their needs, several Techoss p1500w can be connected in series to increase the electric capacity.
Techoss P300W And Techoss P1500W
The cumulative test of Techoss p300w and Techoss P1500w exceeded 100k times, and we got some great feedback, TECHOSS p300w has been marketed on the TECHOSS official website. TECHOSS belief: new energy should be green and affordable.

If you are interested in Techoss p1500w, you can also visit Techoss official website to check the crowdfunding progress and get the product at an early bird price.

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