The latest black technology for camping in 2021

There are many uncertain objective factors in the wild life.
Uncertain Objective Factors In The Wild Life
Driving an off-road vehicle, the back of the car is full of camping equipment (large energy storage batteries, tents, chairs, cooking utensils, kettles), he even grinds some coffee beans, and brings a coffee pot for daily use.
Accompanied by car music, people also started a pleasant leisure time.

This is the autumn of 2021, and the 51-year-old Yevsky is looking for a camping site he is looking forward to, enjoy the coolness of the valley.
Autumn Of 2021
Yevsky said:Like all office workers, the early life of more than ten years has made me  dependent on the city. when I go to the wild, and go away from the hustle and bustle of the city that I can fully feel the peace and happiness from my heart.

The black technology of camping is a large-scale energy reserve and solar charging panels. Even in the wild, barbecues, and pizza will not be disturbed. If you want, you also bring your coffee machine. Make a cup of coffee when sunset coming,feel leisure and comfort in nature.
The Black Technology Of Camping
In front of the bonfire in the middle of the night, enjoy the wine, the starry sky lights around flashing all night, and enjoy the moment away from the city.

The large-scale reserve energy we use is developed by TECHOSS.
Techoss 100W Solar Panel
It is said that Techoss P300w is specially designed for camping enthusiasts. The battery life and the portable size of 122.76 x 10.23 x 42.48 inches make it a must-have for camping in 2021,it's very portable ,sharp design make it easy to carry.

You don’t have to worry about  lack of power. The Techoss 100W solar panel can  fully charged within 3 hours.
Techoss Solar Generator
When camping, there is no need to worry about running out of electricity. Making coffee, cooking, and colorful lights can  be done.

There is always a connection between the city and the wild, maybe this is the charm of outdoor life.

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