What to bring when traveling in an RV

Expensive, mysterious, and luxurious. This is the impression that RVs have left on the public for a long time. It feels out of reach.

The "COVID-19" has brought changes in people's concepts of life and travel. RVs have become a new way of travel choice for people because of their independence, privacy, and strong security.

The different between owner and renter is that renter is mostly young family with kid ,and the owner are mainly elderly peopel.

Under the epidemic, they chose to stay away from gatherings, go alone, and go for a nearby outing.

But fuel is a large cost of RV ,how to reduce cost has become the most tangled problem for RV owners.

If you consider about this problem, maybe you can try Techoss P300W, which has a capacity of 300Wh and can power 95% of electronic products, such as laptop, mobile phone, induction cookers, electric kettle, etc.

As a large outdoor energy storage battery, Techoss P300W is equipped with a 100W solar panel. It only takes 3 and a half hours to fully charge the Techoss P300W for backup.

Solar panels can be hung on both sides of the RV or on the roof. Techoss began to focus on the research of solar panels in 2015. The product material is high-silicon carbon crystal, hassel free of energy.

Compared with gas tanks and bonfires, portable power station are safer. On the basis of environmental protection, it also saves the expensive energy costs of RVs!

Go to the Techoss official website, there are many high-tech features waiting for you to discover.

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