Advanced tutorial for beginners in an outdoor adventure

In recent years, outdoor adventure have more audience, and camping has become a new hobby of young people. How to solve the power demand during camping has become the first problem faced by many camping novices.

Although a large-capacity power bank can solve the urgent need for mobile phones and laptop to run out of power, in the face of high-power appliances, even a 20000mAh power bank cannot solve the problem.

When I attended a friend’s "camping party" some time ago, I brought along the P300W portable power station from Techoss. I wonder what an amazing performance it will have.

Among them, the battery capacity of the Techoss P300W  is 300Wh, which is relatively easy to carry. Both the rear trunk of the car and the travel bag can carry it perfectly.

Techoss P300W also has a variety of power supply mode: the two USB-A ports on the front can charge multiple mobile phones or Bluetooth speakers at one time, which can solve the urgent need for outdoor photographers and other people with mobile office needs.

For example, unlike indoors, outdoor cooking or night lighting are inseparable from "energy", and in most cases, this "energy" is still a gas generator. 

But from the perspective of carbon cycle and heat utilization, using precious gaseous fuels for lighting is not the most environmentally friendly option. In addition, open flame fuels are often restricted when used outdoors, which can easily cause wildfires.

However, if Techoss is used as the energy supply for camping and electric energy is used for cooking and lighting, it will not only be more versatile, but also improve the efficiency of energy use. From the perspective of carbon cycle, large recyclable batteries are also more environmentally friendly. Charging methods, such as solar charging. (Techoss has developed a 100W solar panel, which can also charge the Techoss P300W outdoors, and it can be fully charged in about 4 hours.)

If you want to enrich your outdoor life and experience, or want to find a truly environmentally friendly outdoor camping solution, P300W maybe a great choice.

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