Emergency supplies reserve--Techoss P300W

The recent global extreme weather has frequently occurred, and natural disasters including heavy rains, typhoons, hurricanes, and volcanic eruptions have seriously threatened human life, health and safety, and caused huge economic and property losses.

Buildings with a higher level of power supply must be able to provide sufficient power under normal circumstances, and we must have sufficient backup power when the power grid fails in our lives. Diesel generator sets and large-scale solar battery energy storage equipment are often deployed in hospitals and communication facilities to provide dozens of hours of emergency power supply.

However, in ordinary office buildings, homes or driving out in extreme weather, most people lack the corresponding emergency supplies. Among them, a small mobile power supply is a very common device, but its capacity is too small and the stored electric energy is limited.

Recommend a large solar battery, Techoss P300W. It has functions such as energy storage, photovoltaic power generation, emergency lighting, AC power supply, and DC fast charging. Techoss P300W has a capacity of 300Wh and a portable appearance. It is very suitable for driving out or storing emergency supplies at home. The super-capacity Techoss P3500W will start crowdfunding around February 2022.

The emergency power supply can supply power for small household appliances, medical equipment and other products, and the quality of the output power is related to the life and safety of the back-end products. In this regard, Techoss has an automated power supply test system. For fast charging USB interface testing, Techoss provides fast charging interface testing solutions.

The portable energy storage power supply supports AC and DC input, and supports multiple DC and AC output at the same time. The Techoss system can assist users in verifying power supply performance in an all-round way, and achieve the following test items:
1. Input and output test (output range, no-load/with-load, efficiency, accuracy)
2. Power effect/load effect/mixed effect test
3. Startup test/shutdown test
4. Input disturbance test
5. Output ripple (DC)/output harmonics (AC) test
6. Input voltage/frequency limit test
7. Over current, over voltage, short circuit protection test

In order to meet the power supply under extreme outdoor conditions, Techoss P300W supports photovoltaic charging function, so that as long as there is sunlight, it will continue to store power, so that the large battery continues to last.

In the experimental stage, in order to fully verify the charging efficiency under various environmental conditions (sunny, cloudy, rainy, etc.), Techoss has developed high silicon carbon crystals after 5 years, so that the charging efficiency in rainy days can reach more than 80%.

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