Advice from an experienced motor home travel enthusiasts

15 years ago, Peter retired from a water plant in the United States. Since then he and his wife Mary have decided to start a travel life. Instead of flying or staying in a hotel, they bought an RV and plunged into a brand-new RV camping life.
RV in the evening

After traveling to 41 states in the United States, they continue to travel in their RV, and now they also bring their grandson with them.

Retired seniors are the main consumer group of RVs. Peter bought 5 RVs.

Peter's family really likes to sleep in their own bed during the RV trip. What's better is that they have met a lot of friends along the way.
RV in the sunset

He is also very happy to take their grandchildren to experience the RV camping life.

Peter summed up his travel experience and told us that. First, we must pay great attention to the roof of the car. During the RV trip, other car faults are easy to solve, but the repair of the roof is very difficult.
Watching a movie outdoors

He also emphasized the importance of environmentally friendly energy, because the huge size of the RV is destined to consume a lot of fuel. Most of the cost of RV travel will come from fuel consumption.

The solution is to use solar batteries! By obtaining solar energy, it can solve the power loss of household appliances in life, which greatly saves oil costs!
Set a fire while camping

According to Peter's statistics, the difference in fuel costs between using Techoss solar cells and unused solar cells during RV travel is nearly doubled.

Techoss P300W is Peter's favorite product, it can charge 95% of electronic products. At the same time, it is cheap and easy to carry. Many RV enthusiasts like Techoss.
Techoss P300W
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