[Environmental protection] Obtaining new energy from the sky

Use solar energy in hot weather

Maybe everyone feels that. In the past two years, the summer has been getting hotter year by year. 

In many areas, the temperature has reached 40 degrees Celsius, making it impossible for people to go out. Abnormally high temperatures swept the world and ravaged crops.

The hot weather melted the car

In the northwestern United States and western Canada,high temperatures broke local historical records in many place. The worst temperature reached 47.6 degrees Celsius. June 2021 is the hottest month in the United States in nearly 127 years.

These are undoubtedly reminding us that the earth has a fever. Because of the unrestricted emission of pollution and carbon dioxide by human beings, nature has begun to counteract it.

Environmental protection

In order to protect the environment, Techoss committed to the development of new energy in 2015, using solar energy to convert it into electricity. Reduce carbon emissions during combustion to generate electricity and reduce pollution .

A solar panel and a solar generator

Solar energy is now a well-known technology, and the solar panels designed by Techoss use high-quality semiconductor p-n, under the sunlight, use the photoelectric effect to complete energy conversion. At the same time, the most excellent polysilicon is used to perfectly backup the power supply!

recreational vehicle with A solar panel

It is worth mentioning that in September of this year, Techoss launched a civilian Techoss portable power station medium-sized solar battery. In the real sense, everyone has the right to participate in the matter of energy conservation and environmental protection. The more you use it, the more you contribute to the environmental protection of the earth!

An off grid life house

Techoss portable power station, the original intention of this product is to be an emergency power supply for outdoor vehicles and vehicles. Under the torrent of technological civilization, we are increasingly inseparable from mobile phones and laptops. The lack of power has always been one of the annoying issues, and the Techoss portable power station was born to solve this problem.

recreational vehicle with a solar generator

300Wh capacity, portable design! You can put it in the trunk of the car, school bag, outdoor bag!  You never have to worry about your mobile phone and laptop running out of power with Techoss portable power station! If you are also an outdoor enthusiast, it will help you a lot! Because it can not only power your pot, but also can make you to cook perfect food outdoors!

A solar panel and a solar generator

With 100W solar panels from Techoss, we only need to pave the solar panels on the grass and on the top of the car to get a steady stream of energy. In just 3h, you can fill the Techoss portable power station for backup.

If we can get free and pollution-free electricity without damaging the environment, what a wonderful thing it will be!

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